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Problem with the cutback of the X-axis

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Hi there

I need to cut my X-Achis so that it only shows data from Dez. 2009 on.

Until now, I wasn´t able to find out how it works.

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance


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did you try to exclude the old values with a set-expression?

so values only greater / equal to Dez 2009?


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Yes I tried it with {$<Year = {">2009″}>} and with {$<[Kalender.Monatsname] = {">=2009″}>} because my dimension is called Kalender.Monatsname.

But as I am a new user i do not know 1) if this is right and 2) where to put in this set expression :-S

Do you have an idea?

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maybe you could upload your example, so we could update it?

It is even easier to show it in the example than to describe it 😉


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Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish this data and I have no clue how to prepare a example without data.

I´ll try to figure out until tomorrow (European time)