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QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException ???


   I am getting the error "QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException" when i try to reload the document. Can anyone tell me, what is it wrong in the document. 

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Re: QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException ???

Good day,

There could be many reasons for this, but in essence there's something wrong in the QLikView script.

I got the same error and I did the following.

First I noticed a small script error where I only wanted to load a subset of data and I misplaced a ';'

Secondly check all "directory" locations.  I had to put the full path in my script include statement.

So check all QVD output locations, etc.

It does not mean if the script works on your client it would work on the server because all the directory structures typically differ.