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QMC reload failed to run Macro


I have a module that needs to reload by 2 different sources:

1. Scheduled in QMC

2. Triggered by User

In order to do so, I had to define the module to run on event of external Task (EDX).

Now, I have another module that triggers the EDX run using a macro that is called in the script.

When I reload the module directly from client, the script executes the macro and the original module is reloaded as expected.

When I try to schedule the module to run in QMC, it is reloaded successfuly, but the macro doesn't trigger the reload of the original module.

So, my question is - Can I run a module in QMX that has a macro call on the script?

If not, is there a way to have 2 different shceduled tasks to the same module?

I can't use external task to run batch file that includes a module reload, since we don't have Publisher.



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Re: QMC reload failed to run Macro

Hi Karin,

    Please check in your qlikview logs whether the macros have run properly in the document scheduled. But as per my knowledge macro's do not run through qlikview management console.

You can go for other options like task scheduler or power shell scripting.


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Re: QMC reload failed to run Macro

Thanks, I was looking for a way to do it within QV, but I guess it is not possible.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: QMC reload failed to run Macro

The qmc don't execute macros. But you could trigger one per EXECUTE, see for this: Re: How can I run a macro on QMC after reload?

- Marcus