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QV 11.2 SR10 bug (I think)


I noticed something very odd in the selection behaviour in QV:

I have 2 list boxes (LBA & LBB) with windows checkbox display.

I select one value in LBA and select one value (out of the possible values) in LBB.

Now i select a greyed out value in LBA and it just adds it to the selection and doesn't replace the selection.

If show alternatives in enabled in LBA then the v will appear, if it is not enabled then the v won't appear but in both cases this selection is added to the current selections.

I asked my TL to try to reproduce this on her PC, but she can't. my guess is because she has SR9 and I have SR10.

Does anyone know if this is a bug??



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Re: QV 11.2 SR10 bug (I think)


please share here your qv app so we can help you better.


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Re: QV 11.2 SR10 bug (I think)

Hello Assaf!

I don't think this is bug...

The checkboxes in the particular list is basically meant for doing 'OR'-operation to the other dependent fields...

If you want to replace the selection, use anything other than Windows Checkboxes and LED Checkboxes...