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QV Desktop 12. Bugs. How download v.11 with last SR?

Guys, patience is over...

How to download v.11 with last SR, urgently?

In addition to a bug in this topic

Execution of Script Failed. Reload old data? WITHOUT ERRORS!!!

(+ https://community.qlik.com/thread/230842 and https://community.qlik.com/thread/203254 make you think...)

today, I installed the latest version 12.10.10000+. It was really bad...

No error in the version 12.0 under paragraph 1.

1) Screenshots - Remote Error Inline and Local Terminal. Usual table can not be created in the terminal.

2) Screenshot - Error and Script, logs are identical and no errors and 'the script is completed'. The same problem as in this topicExecution of Script Failed. Reload old data? WITHOUT ERRORS!!!

I was just desperate. Tell me where you can fast download 11 version. Very bad that this is happening and what you can not download the old version from the official site. It's just frustrating...

Sorry for emotions...

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Re: QV Desktop 12. Bags. How download v.11 with last SR?

In regards to downloading previous versions, you should be able to download it from the download page. If you cannot see previous versions and SRs, your account may not been linked with your license, contact Qlik to get it fixed.