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QV Variable in variable

Hi Everyone,


At the moment i'm trying to create a new variable which contains an existing variable.

The existing variable will generate a period of time , for example: 201901, 201902.

I want to check on the last 2 digits from the result of the existing variable, after I want to receive another period which I can hardcode. Result might be 201812 or 201912. So the current of previous year with '12 or 06' behind it. 


This is my variable:

=if(right(max(=$(vBTPlanperiodeCY)),2)='01' ,right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '12',
if(right(max(=$(vBTPlanperiodeCY)),2)='02' ,right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '06'))


Always give the error: ')' expecting.


Anyone know which is the problem or how I can solve it?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: QV Variable in variable


=if(right(max($(vBTPlanperiodeCY)),2)='01' ,right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '12',
if(right(max($(vBTPlanperiodeCY)),2)='02' ,right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '06'))

Its not throwing an error, but im not sure if this is the solution. You can post some sample data if you still need some help.



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Re: QV Variable in variable

Hi Thomas,

You can use below expression.

right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '12',
if(right($(vBTPlanperiodeCY),2)='02' ,right(num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ),2) & '06'))

If vBTPlanperiodeCY=201902, then above exp is giving 1906 as an output.

if you want the output as 201906
then use below one.

num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ) & '12',
if(right($(vBTPlanperiodeCY),2)='02' ,num( Year(AddMonths(Today(),-1)) ) & '06'))