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QVD - Key best practices

I am quite new to Qlikveiw coding and want to better understand how to build the most efficient QVDs possible.

Am I correct in assuming that any compression benefit would be lost if I make a truly unique column?  It seems in testing that when I only include data/date/ID columns I get a great compression rate.  When I include an integer ID column I seem to get ok compression.  But now that I have created a few fairly unique %Key columns I am basically getting horrible compression.

And on the subject of Keys.  I have a fairly unique data set in that it is occurances of compter names over time (maybe millions of events).  I want to have the ability to count them various ways.  Distinct machines over a week, a month, a day, etc.  I frequently count and group by month but occasionally do need the data by day.  When I create my unique keys to use in my link tables - should I be creating 2 keys, one for the daily models and one for the monthly models?  Or would the daily key be enough if I also include in the data set a new column for 'StartOfMonth' or something? 

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Re: QVD - Key best practices


Please read this thread for some valuable information on best practices.