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QVScriptor: QlikView Self Service Application Development White Paper Released

We are happy to announce the publication of our QlikView Self Service Application Development White Paper.

This white paper informs how a Self Service Business User Application Development method can be implemented within any QlikView environment.

We truly believe this capability of the QVScriptor product will put QlikView well ahead of their competitors wrt truly enabling business user self service.

  • Providing business users the ability to generate their own QlikView Applications without the need to script QlikView. Business users can manage the migration (validation, UAT etc.) and deployment of their own applications.
  • Providing BI/IT Teams the ability to manage and control the data provided to business users or provided from business users. Utilise QlikView Server/Publisher on QVScriptor deployment structures to easily maintain reloads and manage user access.
  • Ensuring Change Management across the total QlikView environment (check in / check out, automatic versioning etc.)
  • Taking advantage of all the standard QlikView components (scalability, security etc.)

We trust the white paper as attached to this blog is well received and look forward to any comments or discussions.


YouTube: QVScriptor 2013 - 13 QlikView Self Service Application Development

Website: QlikView Self Service

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Presentation: Self Service QlikView Development

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