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QlikView Color Palette question

Hello, I was trying to find information about how QlikView handles assigning colors, but I can't seem to find any good documentation on the topic. For context, here is the issue I am currently dealing with.


I have a scatter chart with a linear trendline going through the values. I have set Background Color for each of the data points, so there is no issue there. The problem is that the trendline is supposed to be red. Typically, I have had success with coloring trendlines by setting the "Total" and "Other" colors in the palette. Which I have done for this chart:


The chart is instead using the colors around index 12-14 to color the trendline. Now, here is the interesting part, when I change the dimension or select something, the trendline has the correct color:


So I'm guessing that there may be some issue with the data set this chart is using, but I'm not sure what. To identify it, I want to know more about how QlikView chooses which color from the palette to use. My previous impression was that it was based on the order the record was loaded into the chart.

My question is: How does QlikView assign colors from the palette? What does QlikView use the special segments for, and why would it decide not to use that color for a trendline.

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Re: QlikView Color Palette question

Does anybody know anything about this?

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Re: QlikView Color Palette question

We do not Danny

Re: QlikView Color Palette question

Where do you applied the reference line? Can you please post sample application?

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