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QlikView Google Maps Dimension Problem

Hello all,

I work in Inter-modal logistics and I am mapping with SQL our facilities into Google Maps.  I have the map integrated into my QV application, but I have encountered the following issues.  The dimension below in the map picture is the facility name and I cannot figure how to change the color to red.  I went into dimension text color and wrote both =red() and rgb(255,0,0), but no success.  If anyone else has an idea on how to change the color, please offer your insight.  The second issue is displayed in the second photo where the dimensions are too close to each other on the map and causes the facility names to overlap.  In the chart properties, I can only move all facility names under presentation. Does anyone have an idea if this is even possible to move individual facility names above or below the bubbles?  Thank you in advance.

Summary - First Issue is color cannot be changed on map for facility name. Second issue is moving each individual facility name above or below the bubble.