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QlikView Pivot Table Question

Hi All,

Is it possible to have a PivotTable on my sheet in QlikView where if I set always expanded to no, where I can have it expand only a set number of columns.

I.e. If I was making a sales table, where I have the customer details in column A, B, C and these are always fully expanded (without the user having to do anything) can I then have another section, Column D where it has the item information that NEEDS expanding if the user see's fit and if they want to see detailed item information, Column E, F, G then has the financial information which are held in expressions. So the table will incorporate both fully expanded and not fully expanded sections but the table properties will be set to not always fully expand because I don't want ALL item data on show all the time

Is this possible or must the item data be held on another tab?

Many thanks,


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Re: QlikView Pivot Table Question

I will assume you are deploying this to a server and an audience of multiple users.

QlikView remembers the last state of an object so the only way you can do this is to switch OFF the always expanded option and then right click on each of the dimensions you want expanded and select expand all. Then leave the final dimensions collapsed.

Pretty sure that's as close as you're going to get it.