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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikView Qvd generation and rolling months

Hi friends,we are getting data in .text files from 3 sources

There is no date filled to do incremental load .Luckily we have Accounting period column in all .text files,Accounting period has dates in irregular formats, my basic requirement is to display only 12 months of data in app.

Source A-->abc2014.qvd(12 months) let say it has jan-14 jan-15 data after 12 months a separate data has to load in separate qvd say abc2015.qvd

Source B-->def2014.qvd(12 months)

Source C-->ghi2014.qvd(12 months)

While using QVD in Final application it should display Today()-12 i.e.,past 12 months from present .

can any one suggest in detail how to do this process dynamic way to do whole process

Let say today i see data in Application -Nov-2014

Need to see NOV-2013 -Nov-2014 data

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You can try with




From Location

Where [Accounting period] = Date( AddMonths(  Today( ), -12) ,'MMM-YYYY');

Store TableName into TableName.qvd;



Not applicable





From Location

Where Date>= Date( AddMonths(  Today( ), -12) ,'MM-YYYY');

Store TableName into TableName.qvd;

Coming to the front end use the set analysis

like this you can try

let vDate= Today();

let vDate2= addmonths(today(),-12)

=sum({<date={'=<$(vDate) >=$(vDate2)'}>} Sales)


=sum({<date={'=<($(vDate)) >=($(vDate2))'}>} Sales)

Hi Swetha,

You can try this way



[Accounting period]

From Location; //Which is from all data



Last12 as Newflag,

[Accounting period]

Resident Final

Where [Accounting period]  >= Date( AddMonths(  Today( ), -12) ,'MMM-YYYY') And

           [Accounting period]  <= Date( Today(),'MMM-YYYY');

Store Last12Months into Last12Months.qvd;



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanx for your solution Anand can you please suggest to maintain qvd in dynamic naming convention

we have 3 sources all are text files,Assuming every day we get data as there is no date Fields no increment load in Application.we are making one composite key by Account Period and Report Office as Key,[resent approach we are concatenate to previous months].Can you guide to make more dynamic way to represent naming conventions and variables  to Account Period