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QlikView Section Access - Tab show/hide based on a condition

QlikView - Section Access - Restrict data as well as maintain sheet Show hide

Hi All,

I have to develop 2 part of Section Access - One based on Data restrict data, and the other show hide the tab based on logged in User.

Section Access restricting data is working fine.

I am unable to develop Tab show hide - What I want to do is -

1. if user is admin - he should see all the city data and view all the tabs too - Tab names Tab1, Tab2, Tab3, Tab4.

2. if user has access to one city like London - Dashboard to show up only London data but should also restrict showing 2 tabs out of 4 - say tab3 and tab 4 should be hidden.

3. if user has access to 2 cities like London and Chicago, then user should see data pertaining to these too, but should also restrict showing tab3 and tab 4

Currently even an admin when selects a particular city QV is hiding the 2 tabs. Which it should not, no matter what I click all the tabs should be visible.

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What is there in the tabs? Does it holds reports with data?


yes, it holds data. This should be viewed only by admin.


you can create a Section Access table like this,

SA_UserDataLevelTab 1Tab 2Tab 3
User1Reg 1100
User2Reg 2001
User3Reg 3010


Above table will define, who gets to see what. Under tab fields, 0 means user will not have access that area. 

In UI at Sheet level  or object level layout condition:

Tab 1<>1 for tab 1 ... similarly for others.


Hope this will work.

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Digital Support

Here is a link I have left on a few other posts now from the Design Blog area by Henric Cronstrom, there are additional blog post links at the bottom of that post with information on related topics, which may help you get things sorted out.



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