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QlikView Server scheduled job got failed ?

Hi All,

Case :1

In my Case, We are scheduled a job for reloading the Application in QMC.

Result : Job got Failed.

Case :2

If i reloaded that application manually, it is asking for overwrite the application.

Because, it is reading an external file from excel with Command line syntax.

Note : I already checked Script (Allow Database Write and execute statements)

How we can overcome this issue, Any help ?



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Re: QlikView Server scheduled job got failed ?

Case 1: please add the logs of the task or the document to see exactly where the issue is. If you don't have it enabled, open the document with QlikView Desktop, go to Settings > Document Properties > General > Generate Logfile. The logs for the task are in the Publisher server (folder specified in the QMC)

Case 2: It asks to be overwritten if another reload has happened while you had the document open, either someone else did manually or you are editing a file in the Publisher folders, and the scheduled task happened while you had that file open.