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QlikView Session/Calculation timeout issue (AJAX)

I am trying to figure out why QlikView is spinning on large queries and not returning anything until you refresh the document. 

When making a selection for a large subset of data the QlikView report spins and never returns.

While watching the server you can see the processing drop off after about 4 1/2 minutes.  

After the server is done, and the report is refreshed and the same selections are made the report returns immediate results.  So the server does seem to be finishing the request but is unable to return it to the user without refreshing and re-selecting.

Has anyone experienced this?  Are there some common settings we could be missing?



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Creator II
Creator II

Re: QlikView Session/Calculation timeout issue (AJAX)

Hi Tyler,

It seems that you do not have enough resource on your RAM. Adding some more RAM could be the solution. Another way is to refresh the QVS's memory allocation sometime like a daily by restarting the QVS services on the server. I had similar issue and resolved with the soltution.