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QlikView desktop webview memory build-up

Hi all

I have several QlikView Rapports where I use extensions and therefore need to use the Webview function. But when toggling between desktop and webview mode I can see an increase in memory usage in the QlikView tread in Task Manager:

The memory increase every time I swift to Webview an doesn't decrease after shifting back to desktop mode. This gives me memory problems when handling large data in webview. For example I have a report where I have Included a leaflet map to show location of my data. When sending about 5000 records to webview an the map extension a few times I have a memory build-up about 5-6 GB which slow down the application...?

Is there a way where I can free the memory usage or is it a bug? I have tested this problem both with QlikView ver. 11.20 (and IE8) and newest QlikView desktop (12.10 personal edition)

I have included a simple QlikView rapport to illustrate the memory problem. When opened the rapport, try toggling between desktop and webview mode while viewing the Task Manager.

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Re: QlikView desktop webview memory build-up


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: QlikView desktop webview memory build-up

Does QlikView really slowdown if the used RAM increased? The normal behaviour is that everything will be cached until it reached it's configurable limits and when then occured a new demand of RAM through a new action the old caches will be released.

But there are exceptions mostly caused from some small bugs and maybe also by using extensions whereby I don't know if there is a general problem in communicating respectively caching between QlikView and the extensions or if your used extension caused a special issue.

Within the user-properties in tab general on the bottom right you will find the options for the working sets. Depending on your resources and other running tools you need to leave enough RAM for the OS.

- Marcus

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Re: QlikView desktop webview memory build-up

Hi Thomas,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am now having a similar problem where my application slows down each time I toggle between webview and desktop (I am loading around 3,000 records).

If you have found a solution I would appreciate if you could advise me.