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QlikView project based on huge amount of data (in database tables)

I would like to try connect my QlikView project on huge database tables and I'm affraid about amount of data.
We have db-table with following columns:

year ; month ; day, item number ; item description ; price ; type ; and some others

and this table contain more than 300.000 rows (whole table has size of 100MB data).
We have another similar tables, which I need to connect to the same QlikView project.
Will not some problem with size of data and amount of rows, which I want to process in QV project?

The base select I need "sum of all item's price by year, by month, by day".

Is some other way to load data from these huge db-tables like to write down to script:

LOAD year, month, day, [item number], [item description], price, type, ... FROM ...db-table...;



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QlikView project based on huge amount of data (in database tables)


The way you suggest to load is good enough, doing a LOAD for those fields you are already pulling from your database with a SQL statement through a ODBC or OLE DB connection.

Anyway, it all depends. Your application performance will be affected by several factors, as CPU, RAM, concurrent processes and users, disk usage... on the hard part, and on the number of charts and complexity of expressions on the soft part.

As far as I'm concerned, neither your number of records or your file size seems specially big to me, and QlikView should handle that without problem.



QlikView project based on huge amount of data (in database tables)

Hello Juraj,

300 000 row, and with so few columns, should be no problem at all for QlikView.

As a benchmark I am running a local app on my x64 laptop with 8gb of ram that currently has 20 000 000 rows with several dimension tables.

Just make sure you build a good data model and you should be fine. Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_schema to get a good start or browse through all the information on the community.