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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview Boolean Search

I sort of understand Searches in Qlikview are OR by default and also looked into ANDMode which seemed to work.
What I need is a complex searching method for the user.
For example, if the column product has a list of fruits, I need let the user enter :

(Apples and Oranges) or (Apples and Bananas) in their search string / search box.

Doing an or in a regular search box selects works, but things get tricky when I want to get both boolean operations (and/or) in the same search box. (Would prefer user to type in the boolean search rather than select from a list)

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I did, but most of them explain how to search with the list. For example, the links above show me how to search for apples and/or oranges in the list box or search box, but they do not filter my data based on said search criteria.
If that made any sense. Sorry its clear in my head, but might not be as clear when I try to explain it.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Vivek, did you have a look at the Expression Search?


Here is the Help, not a ton there, but you can pretty much do whatever you want this way, unfortunately I am not a very good developer to come up with the expression you need here to do what you want...


Sorry I do not have anything better, my post will kick things back up, so maybe someone else will see things and offer up something different for you to try.


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