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Qlikview Calendar in Web View

Hello everyone,

i want to implement a calendar in my application, so the user can filter for a date range. When using the calendar in the application it works fine:

I can just click on one date and by keeping the mouse clicked and sliding over the dates i can select as many as i want.

When openening the calendar in web view, it's a total mess. I can't "slide" over the dates and even if i select multiple dates with STRG + Clicking the date filter doesn't get updated.

Anyone else experience this difference in behaviour betweend the application calendar and web view calendar?

best regards,

Ben Holm

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Re: Qlikview Calendar in Web View

Check out the following link, specific Help for WebView Calendar Object, I think there may be some settings you need to tweak here, hopefully that is all it is:



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Re: Qlikview Calendar in Web View

Set up two calendar objects to define two date variables. One is to define the start date and the other is to define the end date.

Then use these two variables in your expressions.

By doing this way, end users do not slide at all, they only need to pick a date in each calendar objects.