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Creator III
Creator III

Qlikview Chart - Dynamic axis and Expression

I will begin this post by announcing that I am ok with qlikview, but nowhere near an expert.

I am in the process of building a template so that employees here at the company I work for can quickly view/analyze client data.  Most clients have 3+ years of data and millions of records.  We've always built these sites with a tab for each data group and multiple charts to view each metric.  It is very redundant and also inefficient from a system resource perspective.

I need one chart that will dynamically change to show approx. nine (9) different dimensions, one at a time, across a clients fiscal year by period.  I would like the dimension to be chosen from a straight table or something similiar.  The Expressions for each of these dimensions are Quantity, Base Dollars, Handling Fee, Invoice Dollars, and Percent of Total for each.  I already have the math for the expressions, just don't know how it's possible to select each one in a straight table to be shown in the chart.

I've seen many examples online, but can't seem to find anything that I can interpet to my situation.  I tried experimenting with variables, but can't seem to grasp how they work.

Here is an example:

Straight Table Fields (Dimension): Program, Disposition, Vendor, Store, etc...

Straight Table Fields (Expression): Quantity, Base $, Handling $, etc...

If I click the Disposition and Quantity field, the chart should display every disposition within each period and the quantity of each.

Is this possible?  Am I biting off more than I can chew??

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do you mean something like that?


if yes you can find a working example in your qlik install folder, usually

C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Documents

Doc is What's new in Qlikview 11.qvw

Tab is Report

Creator III
Creator III

Thank you both.  Yes, this is pretty much exactly what I need.  However, I have Qlikview 10 and 11 is not in the foreseeable future.  The conditional expression feature is not present in the Expressions tab of the Chart Properties dialog.

Is there a way to do this in v10?