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Qlikview Desktop Reload Issue

I am using Qlikview Desktop v12.2. Facing a really weired issue. I am loading data from Oracle Database on Qlikview Desktop. But Qlik is not picking up any changes to the data its keep giving me the old data not the updated data. Is it getting cashed somewhere , never seen that behavior before.

Any clues?

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Re: Qlikview Desktop Reload Issue

I would recommend being sure you have enabled the Script logging via Settings\Document Properties\General Tab\Generate Logfile checkbox.  This way you can check the number of records fetched from Oracle to confirm it is the same number each time, and if that is the case, the only things of which I can think is you have a script variable or something tied to a where clause that has a date in it, and you are not getting any new data, just the same historical over and over.  The only other thing that comes to mind would be a View in Oracle that does not update, but I do not know if such a think even exists, I would think it would more likely be a where clause in your script that is restricting the date range of the load.  Hope this may help.


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