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Qlikview Development in .Net

Hi ;

Is there any way to open qlikvew document with .net without using ocx.

What we are trying to do :

1-open qlikview document ( in a windows service )

2-select field(s)

3-extract grid to html

there must be way to do this !?

What are your suggestions  ? Thx.

Note :

We tried to use ocx but , when we tried to open document in server with ocx  , ocx asked user password ,although we specified username and password in opendocument.

what we tired :

        Dim constr As String = "qvp://xxxxx.xx@ipaddress/Document full path.qvw"

        AxQlikOCX1.UserName = QvUser.UserName

        AxQlikOCX1.Password = QvUser.Password

        AxQlikOCX1.OpenDocument(constr, QvUser.UserName, QvUser.Password)

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Re: Qlikview Development in .Net


Did you solve this problem????

I'm having the same issues.



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Re: Qlikview Development in .Net

Have you tried QlikView Workbench? It is an addon for Visual Studio you can use to develop .Net applications with QlikView objects and also to build QlikView extensions.