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Qlikview Failed to Load all the Data


we are facing this problem quite often. we use SAP R3 for all Modules, FICO, Manufacturing, etc.

then for qlikview side we are using :

1. Qlikview server 11 SR 11

2. Qlikview Desktop 11 SR 12

3. SAP Connector 5.90 Initial Release

We are extracting SAP data directly into QVD. but somehow, Qlikview didnt extract all of the data from SAP. and sometimes, yes, qlikview does extract the correct data into qvd. but the qvw that is using that correct qvd didnt succed to pull out all the data from that qvd

a bit example,

this is my load script from SAP.

master 2.png

the Result of the QVD

Master 1.png

my load Script from the qvd.

load qvw 1.png

so there are 2 problems:

1. Qlikview SAP Connector sometimes does not extract all the data from SAP, but after a few times of reloading, it succeed.

2. Qvw dashboard does the same thing. when the data from SAP successfully loaded. it partially failed to load the data. but after a few times of reloading, it succeed

all of this happens with no error, no warning message.

i keep reloading the qvw that load the data into qvd and the qvw dashboard as well for around 4 times then finally get the correct result. what is really happening? can we do something to prevent this kind of problem?

thank you,

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Re: Qlikview Failed to Load all the Data

That sounds kind of strange, indeed.

Unfortunately, I can't see any of the images, they are referencing a location on an external server where we don't have access to. Can you replace the linked images with images uploaded to QV forum (or post text for scripts if possible)?

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Re: Qlikview Failed to Load all the Data

Hi swuehl,

yeah its kind of. and it doesnt happen regularly but quite often, actually, it happened for both big or small table. is there any step we can do to check up the performance, or identify the problems? btw, i have updated the picture, you should have been able to see the pic by now.

Thank you