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Qlikview - Partial Reload error

Hi all,

I'm working on a new report and I encountered an strange issue..

I have this part of script :

If IsPartialReload() = 0 Then

Let vMinDate = If(IsNum(MonthStart(PEEK('IdCalendrier',0,'Faits'))),Num(MonthStart(PEEK('IdCalendrier',0,'Faits'))),0);

Let vMaxDate = Num(MonthEnd(PEEK('IdCalendrier', -1,'Faits')));


Load distinct

  Date($(#vMinDate) + IterNo() - 1) as [Date]

AutoGenerate 1

While $(#vMinDate) + IterNo() - 1 <= $(#vMaxDate);




[Date] as IdCalendrier,

DAY([Date]) AS [Day Date],

Date(Date) AS Date,

MONTH([Date]) AS [Month Date],

Num(MONTH([Date])) AS [Month Num Date],

YEAR([Date]) AS [Year Date],

DATE(makedate(year([Date]),month([Date])),'MMM YYYY') AS [Month Year Date],

DATE(makedate(year([Date]),month([Date]),day([Date])),'DD MMM YYYY') AS [Day Month Year Date],

'S' & Num(Week([Date]),'00') as Week,

'T' & CEIL(num(Month([Date]))/3) as Quarter,

'S' & CEIL(num(Month([Date]))/6) as Semester,

NetWorkDays(Date, Date) as WorkDay


Drop table TMP_Calendar;

End if

When I full reload the document, no problem it's work fine.

But when I want a "partial" reload, I have "General Script Error". Things I don't understand, normally this part of the script should never be read in partial reload...

Despite everything, I commented the "Autogenerate" part and it's work... But I need this part for a full reload.

Have you ever encountered this issue ? Someone have an idea to help me with it?

I'm working with Qlikview Desktop 11.2 SR4

Thanks in advance.