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We have a same dashboard present on Server A to Server B.

We observed that the performance of the dashboard on Server B is slower than that of Server A.

If the dashboards present on both the servers are exact same in design, data and memory.

What are the others factors that are affecting the performance.

What all factors should we compare on both the servers to figure out why the performance is slow on Server B.


Kindly guide.

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If both the servers are of same configuration, I would start with checking things like:

- Which services/processes (if any), consuming resources in server b, may be other dashboards or anti-virus

- Compare network latency for servers




Another hint, I would also check Bios settings if on physical servers:


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Digital Support
Digital Support

This all factors in on Qlik performance:

Once those are compared, it's a matter of looking into what else on the machine may be draining resources, or if behaviour patterns of users might have changed, requiring more resources now than before.



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Digital Support
Digital Support

I have one more to add to Sonja's list, Windows Control Panel Power Options, be sure that is set to High or Maximum Performance and not Balanced, as sometimes in the Balanced setting, the CPUs are not able to hit their turbo frequency thus causing a pretty significant performance hit too.


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