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Qlikview application hangs when text object has vertical scrollbar

Our Qlikview application has a tab called ‘Open’ which has an option to see the detail information of a single selected project. It has four Text objects. Now if one project has large text/information in any of these four fields, the vertical scrollbar is used to show the full information. If such a project is selected (where vertical scroll bar appears in any of these four fields) the application hangs. Application is working fine if the selected project has shorter text in those fields; hence no scroll bar is shown in the text objects.

This is only happening from the web browser (Access Point) but it is working perfectly fine when we used IE Plugin.

We have the build/version 12.0.20300.0 . Any Idea why it is happening with Text Object.

added the error screen shot from the debugger

Message was edited by: Sumanta Kodali added the error screen shot from the debugger

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There were a number of fixes of Text Box bugs in SRs after 12.00SR4. Maybe consider an upgrade?

If not, you may want to contact Qlik Support about this issue.


Thank you Peter. So it seems a bug in the version 12.0.20300.0. Is there any workaround to bypass this error. Any settings in the Browser or Qlikview