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Qlikview automatically adds '+0' to a field


I am actually having an issue when Qlikview is reading a field from the database. The field being a partnumber (is alphanumeric in the database), and when read by the application it adds '+0' to some of the content of the field.


From the database, we might have values 1100345, 1104536,1230012, 1230014

When the data is read from QLikview, it could display +01100345, 1104536, +01230012, 1230014.

I have no idea under what circumstance it is adding the value '+0' in front of the actual value. Even if i add Text() on the field, it doesn't make any difference.

Could you please help?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Try it with something like this:

load *, text(FIELD) as FIELD2;

sql select FIELD from db;

- Marcus

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Selena.

Please can you load the data (without any manipulation) and store it into a csv and post it here.



Try -

Load *, NUM(FIELD) as FIELD2;

sql select FIELD from db;


Does this also happen if the LOAD of your part number from the DB is the one and only LOAD in your complete script?

If the part number field is already used in another LOAD statement appearing before the DB LOAD statement, then the textual representation of your part numbers might depend on the representation defined in the first LOAD. Qlik is only capable of storing a single representation per number.