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Qlikview project life cycle

Can anyone explain me, how is the life cycle of qlikview project...

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Re: Qlikview project life cycle

I'm sure there's as many ways of implementing projects as there are partners implementing.

Some of the common themes I guess are Scoping, Gathering Requirements, Planning, Executing (Developing/Testing/Changing/Verifying), Deploying, Processes for support/change requests/maintenance/next project(s)?

QlikView lends itself well to an agile, SCRUM type, development model based on user stories and iterative app development where the results of a sprint, or short development burst, can be reviewed with the customer and the direction of the project can be re-aligned or directed differently based on changing needs and priorities.

Everyone is sick of "black box" projects where requirements go in, everyone crosses their fingers and wait to see what comes out of the project at the end of it.

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Re: Qlikview project life cycle


From a Qlik view site.  This went a little over board but it does work