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Contributor III
Contributor III


Hi everybody!

I've the following Problem with this code i select the last Production Price.


It works but now i have the Problem that Kalkdat has this values

13.11.2019 16:59:03       Price 4091

13.11.2019 16:59:03       Price 5000

My Result is NULL, how i can solve this Problem? How can i make it that the higher Value 5000 will be the result?


Thank you very much!


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Returns NULL because there is not a single value for Kalkdat, both timestamps look identical. Use a Max(Price) GROUP BY Date instead, or equivalent Aggr() function if it's on a chart. Or allow more precision in the timestamp, although that could result in a long, heavy field.
Digital Support
Digital Support

Roland, just wanted to provide the Help link for the function, so you can check all the specifics there to be sure you have things correct, but Miguel is correct, if this answered your question, do not forget to use the Accept as Solution button to mark things for other Community Members and to give credit to the poster for the help...



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