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Question involving a comparing issue


Let's begin with ginging an example.

I have two periodes, let's say March 2009 and March 2010.

I wanna calculate the sales of March 2010 of the shops that have a salesamount > 0, in both periodes.

So if there's a shop that has no sales in March 2009, then the salesamount of March 2010 of that shop should be ignored.

i want the total to display in a textbox, so not in a table.

I hope somebody has an idea to do this.

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I'm not sure how your data is structured. I have attached a sample application that will allow the user to select a first and second period and a text box that will sum the sales from period 2 if the sum of sales from period 1 is not zero.

I'm using two variables and set analysis in the text box to achieve the results. We are on QV 8.5.

Let me know if this helps.


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Hi John,

Thanks for your answer, but it's not the solution for me.

The problem is that i have shops (let's say 20 shops) in 2009, and in 2010 five shops are openend, and 2 shops are closed from the beginning of 2010.

when i select the year 2010, I have a table in which i display the sales for each shop over 2010.

When i selectes the year 2010, in my tabel i see all the shops whit his sales and that is correct.

Now i need to create a textbox, in which i display the total sales of the shops that have some sales in the selected period.

So the sales of the new 5 shops (no sales in 2009) , and the sales of the 2 shops that are closed (no sales in 2009) have to be ignored in the textbox with the total.

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Plz share sample QV Data/file.