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Question on Pivot table

Please let me know how to create month wise data in the pivot table for only one year which is current year??

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Re: Question on Pivot table

Add Month as dimension and something like this in your expression

Sum({<Year = {$(=Max(Year))}>}Measure)

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Re: Question on Pivot table

Above expression is not helpful. Using this expression, am only getting Max year. My requirement is should get all years along with current year month wise data

If([Section] = ' Medicines', sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year))}>}Measure))

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Re: Question on Pivot table

Please share some sample application

Re: Question on Pivot table

May be this?

If([Section] = ' Medicines', sum({<Year={"<= $(=Max(Year))"}>}Measure)


If([Section] = ' Medicines', sum({<Year={"$(= '<=' & Max(Year))"}>}Measure)

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Re: Question on Pivot table

I think this is helpful to you.

Take Dimensions Year as first dimension and Month as second dimension,

add expression like this Sum({<Year = {$(=Max(Year))}>}Measure) in Pivot table.

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Re: Question on Pivot table

Hi All,

Example: I have 4 Years data 2014,2015,2016,2017.. I want Display Only Current Year Month wise Sales renaming years want to display years wise .. If Fiscal year is Starts from July to June .. Now Current month is May now i want display June Month as Empty in Pivot as Current Month June See Reference date:

Current Month Year in Pivot:


July  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  DEC    Jan  Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   AVG

100  200   300  400  500   600     700   800   900    1000 1100    -     6600/12=550

Year to Month in Pivot.png

Can you please help me asap guys..



Re: Question on Pivot table

Your initial post and your response is not helpful and waste of my time.... should I say that to you? I am sorry, but based on your initial response, I was not able to offer more than what I did.... Please look here

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