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Qv.Document.GetObject never completes for pivot charts when the Pagesize.x is greater than 40


I am trying to export some pivot table charts to Excel using the Javascript API. By default QV just gets 40 rows and 40 columns of data. When I set the columns to more than 40, the GetObject("objectId",callback) never completes. It works fine when setting the rows to more than 40. 

Looking a the dev panel in Chrome, it just gets into a loop that continuously requests the data (and actually gets all the columns) but it never completes and returns the data back to the .Data object. 

I tried paging, but that only allows me to page through rows, not columns. 

Is there a way around this? I am trying to avoid VB Macro because Qlik doesn't support them anymore.


I have attached a demo. By default, the selections filters the pivot to less than 40 columns so the export button works. (you get an alert after it finishes) If you clear filters to get all the columns, it just hangs and never completes. 


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Digital Support
Digital Support

I would imagine you are running into the issue described in the following Article:



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No, the article is referring to the horizontal view of a straight table chart rather than a pivot chart. I can see all the columns being displayed, just the API causes Qlikview server to run in an infinite loop until it crashes the browser.