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Qvd Creation


ID   Name

1    er

2    fsdf

3    dfsd


ID   text

7    nm

8    f

9    j



1     cvd

2     df

3     v

4     sd

5    sdf

6    sdfa

7    fd

8    dffd

9    sfdf

I have 3 tables and a create QVD shold be created on below conditions:

1)T3.ID = T1.ID

2)T3.ID = T2.Id

and the final Qvd will be created as below

  expected output: 

ID     COM    Name     text

1       cvd        er 

2       df          fsdf 

3       v           dfsd 

7      fd                         fd

8     dffd                      dffd

9      sfdf                      sfdf   

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Re: Qvd Creation

I think this is a same requirement as this -> Create QVD

Please try not to recreate a discussion for same requirement. Gysbert has already answered the questions there.