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REST Connector - Twitter - Use my own Twitter App credentials

Hi All

Connecting to Twitter using the REST Connector following the instructions and creating a query in the twitter console, using the Authorization header generated I can pull tweets from the twitter API.

This limits me to not being able to change the query string on subsequent reloads - what I want to be able to do is alter the max_id field to loop through tweets as per the guidance in twitter api, otherwise I'm limited to loading 100.

I therefore set up an app in twitter to create my own credentials (consumer key, token + secrets) to pull down the same query and swapped my creds in the header when using the rest connector but all I get is a 401 error..?  I know these credentials work as I've tested them using curl.

Please can anyone advise how I might get this working, using this method or any other!?

Many thanks


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