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Contributor III
Contributor III

Rank and Extract

Hi I have two columns with the respective data set;

COLA          COLB

x                    10

x                      20

x                        30

x                    3

x                    0

x                    -4

x                    -2

x                      -1

y                         10

y                         11

y                         0

y                         1

The above data is sorted on some pre-defined order.

How can I extract only the values more than equal to the largest negative value in colB

i.e all the values >=-4  in col B for ColA  X and and all the values>0(i.e 10,11,0 not 1) for ColA Y value.

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Not sure I understand the required output... would be able to provide the expected output as a table to see what you are looking to get?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sunny,

Attaching the application:

if you see in the chart made the data is sorted in some order.

For each stockcode I want to pick all the data till the LeftOver Column becomes zero or less than the QTTY.

Thus for 110011 we should get data from Rank 6 to 11

For 1122 we should get the data from Rank 1 to 5

Let me know if any doubts on the same.


If your data is correctly sorted you can try this



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sunny,

Thanks for the reply.

But can we do it in Backend script so that I can store the result in QVD.



So, you don't want to load any data which don't meet the condition or do you want to flag them?

Contributor III
Contributor III

No Sunny,

I dont even want to load any such data.



Can you please share MUV_Logic.xlsx

Contributor III
Contributor III


please find the file