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Contributor II

Reading list selection into Variables for Dynamic Calculations


I am hoping to get some suggestions of my use case.

I have a list of multiple products with a license count. I want do a calculation based on a Node. Each product could have different rules and and 8 nodes to pick from.

I think the solution would be using and If statement with Variables.

Node 1-4 have a calcuation to mutiple the license count by 2 for every node.

Example Product 1 and Node1 = (License count x Node 1 Calc)

               Product 1 and Node 2 = (License count x Node 1 Calc)*2

               Product 1 and Node 3 = (License count x Node 1 Calc)*4

               Product 1 and Node 4 = (License count x Node 1 Calc)*8

Node 5-9

     Product 2 and Node 5 = (License count x Node 5 Calc)

Product 2 and Node 6 = (License count x Node 5 Calc)*2

Product 2 and Node 7 = (License count x Node 5 Calc)*4

Product 2 and Node 8 = (License count x Node 5 Calc)*8

I would like the selections for the product and node to be variables that are picked up from a user input or feild value.

For example I would like them to be able to pick the product and the current node and somehow save that. So that I can calculate the license differance if they move to a new node and product.

Any help on this solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,