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Reduce & Distribute: Security problem


I have a job which

- reduces a document By Field Value

- distributes to Access Point for All Authenticated users

My problem is that all the users independently from the Section Access can see the distributed documents on the Access Point. Unauthorised users can't open the documents, but they can see them, while usually Qlikview hides the documents from the unauthorised users.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing some piece of configuration?

I have 2 jobs based on the same qvw file:

- simple reload and distribution to the Access Point

- reduce and distribution by field value to the Access Point.

The Original document is not visible for the unauhtorised users on the Access Point. The Reduced versions of the document are visible for all the users on the Access Point.

Our environment is QV 11.0.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Reduce & Distribute: Security problem

Within the document properties in tab open is an option (bottom right) to set a filter from the section access to the access point.

- Marcus

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Re: Reduce & Distribute: Security problem

Well, we don't have any data reduction based on the Section Access.

In fact, the Section Access is used strictly to grant or deny the user the access to the whole document.

I wonder why there is any difference in how the document is treated when the document is reduced and when it is not.