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Refer to previous value of an Dimension

Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out a way, how i can achive a fully dynamic version of following:

I have a Bar chart which displays the differenc of dates. My expression is as follows:


SUM(If(Not IsNull(KAM_Status_Change_Date_1) AND Not IsNull(KAM_Status_Change_Date_2),KAM_Status_Change_Date_2))

-SUM(If(Not IsNull(KAM_Status_Change_Date_1) AND Not IsNull(KAM_Status_Change_Date_2),KAM_Status_Change_Date_1))


/Count(If(Not IsNull(KAM_Status_Change_Date_2),KAM_Status_Change_Date_2))

I have to do this for each Status there is, so I have 1 expressions and no dimension at all.

I was wondering, if there is a way, to do this with just one expression and 1 dimension.

I already came up with a solution during load, but this takes quite a while, as I need to loop a good bit... So maybe there is another way.

Best regards


2 Replies

May be a synthetic dimension with Pick(Match(...)) in the expression?


Hi Sunny,

thank you for the response. By now, I just changed my datamodel (The *_1,*_2 Dimension I shrinked to one and have the number in a different Dimesnion.), which achieved what i wanted.

Have a nice day.