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Reg:FIFO in QlikView

Hi All,

Wishes from Jai.I am having critical scenario this time.It is based on FIFO report which based on Inventory system.

Thing is,

1.On March 1st warehouse received 6 Items at the rate of 10.So total Price 60

2.On March 3rd warehouse received 5 Items at the rate of 5,So total price 25.

3.On March 5th warehouse got order to sell 8 items.

4.Now QlikView has to generate the report like, First 6 Items at the rate of 10 and remaining 2 items at the rate of 5.

5.So total Selling price should be (6*10)+(2*5)=70

6.If you have same kind of QVW then please share with me.

Thanks & Regards