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Reload by person required in textbox

Hi Qlikers,

I have a qvd extractor template which I use to create qvd file(every 4 to 5 days) manually, the template is used by me and my colleague and for the latest reload time I have used reload() in a text box with osuser()  such that the last reload() person  along with the time will be known.

Here comes the challenge when this file is opened in my friends system it is showing his last reload vice versa, is there a way to show all the reloads of both of us with osuser() returns value in the text box irrespective of the user who opened it.


1. kk reloaded at 6/08/201512.55PM

2. Rk reloaded at 6/08/2015 1.50 PM



Kiran Kumar

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Re: Reload by person required in textbox

May be you can use a text file with your name on your computer and your friends name on your friend's computer which gets pulled into a variable and get's saved every time your reload the application just like your save the reload time.





Re: Reload by person required in textbox

do you reload the same .qvw or a different one (2 copy)?

for the same I think you can add at the end of the script (history of reload time and osuser)


load * from r.qvd (qvd);


load  ReloadTime(),  OSUser() AutoGenerate 1;

store r into r.qvd (qvd);

if you have different .qvw maybe the same idea but you have to read/store the qvd from a common folder

hope to understand