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Reload using QVD-files from alternate location

Hello all,

We have a QlikView-appliction that is split into two parts. We have one document that only creates QVD-files from our database. These are saved to a local folder, let's say C:\QlikViewData.

The other document which contains the GUI, macros and everything else loads its data from these QVD-files. Nothing weird so far right?

Here's where it gets tricky.

I'd like to find a way to load the document with data from an alternate location, say C:\QlikViewData\alt, before then executing a specific macro and finally reloading with data from the usual location (C:\QlikViewData).

So basically a button that does:

  1. Reload document with QVD-files stored at C:\QlikViewData\alt
  2. Run macro
  3. Reload document with QVD-files stored at C:\QlikViewData

Has anyone here done anything like this before? Could you offer some pointers to the best way to go about doing this? I'd be grateful for any and all help I can get.

EDIT: I noticed that point 1 and 3 had incorrectly switched. It is now as it should be. Reload with alternate location first, run macro and then restore from usual location.

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Re: Reload using QVD-files from alternate location


Seems like a sensible idea (I'm currently doing a simlar thing). One suggestion, if I'm reading this correctly, would be to use IsPartialReload()

The first part would run the script using a Full Reload macro: activedocument.reload

The script (by setting a varible to IsPartialReload: let PR= if(IsPartialReload() =0, 'N', 'Y')  loads from location a if PR=N

The second part would run the script using a Partial Reload macro: activedocument.partialreload

The script then loads from location b if PR=Y

Of course the second part (partial reload) will keep the original data but that can be easily dropped


Reload using QVD-files from alternate location


You can use a variable to right part of the file path.

Let us call this variable 'Path'

The steps will become:

1.1 set Path to 'C:\QlikViewData\alt\'

1.2 Reload data

2. Run Macro

3.1 set Path to 'C:\QlikViewData\'

3.2 Reload Data

The load statement in script will be like this:

Load * from


Hope this helps,