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Reloading excel files on demand

Hi -

Does anyone know if we can create a QV file that can be updated on demand? I am trying to create a dashboard that will be updated by a business user (non-developer license).

Data source for QV file will be regular excel file.

Is there a macro or trigger that one can run that will automatically update the QlikView dashboard?

Please help!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Reloading excel files on demand

If your business user opens the document on the qlikview server then it's not possible to reload on demand. See this post for more information.

If your user uses the QV Desktop client and opens the document directly then simply clicking Reload should be enough to reload the document. Or you could create a button and add a Reload action to it.

If your document is deployed on QV Server you can create a task to schedule it so the document is refreshed automatically on the interval you specified in the schedule.

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