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Removal of header in file

Dear community!

I'm generating files that are e-mailed to an automatic service. The service don't expect headers in file and I can't seem to get rid of them (besides manually...).

Anyone got a solution?

Building the report as a straight table and using Menu to export the chart to a .skv-file (Semicolon delimited).

Using QlikView 10 SR3

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Re: Removal of header in file


To copy the content of a table without headers use: RightClick->Copy to cliboard->Table Data Area. Then you can paste it wherever you want.

Or you could  try to use VBS macro to create a file with the content you want automatically.

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Re: Removal of header in file


copy is not an option since I want it as auto as possible.

However I use a button with Export Action and that works, kind of.

Since we are in AJAX I can't get it to apply a file name and where to save it. Perhaps a macro could?

If possible I don't wont to use a macro since it's a dead end.

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Re: Removal of header in file


In this case you could store table from script and then use something outside a QV to remove the first string from file.

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Re: Removal of header in file

You could loop through the file and skip the first row. Here is an example of looping through a straight table and skipping the first row.

Sub ExportToExcel

   ExcelAppend "c:\test.xlsx", "CH05" 

   msgbox("Export Complete")

End Sub

Sub ExcelAppend(strExcelAppenFile, strExelAppendObjectID) 

   ' Create an instance of Excel 

   SET objExcelApp = CREATEOBJECT("Excel.Application") 


   ' Open workbook 

   WITH objExcelApp 

      .DefaultSaveFormat = xlWorkbookNormal 

      .DisplayAlerts = FALSE 

      .Workbooks.Open strExcelAppenFile 

      .DisplayFullScreen = FALSE 

      .Visible = FALSE 



   ' Set worksheet 

   SET objExcelSheet = objExcelApp.Worksheets(1) 


   ' Set Excel used range 

   SET objExcelRange = objExcelSheet.Range("A65535").End(-4162) 

   ' Last used row in column A 

   intExcelLastRow = objExcelRange.Row 

   ' Set object to append from 

   SET objObjectFrom = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(strExelAppendObjectID) 

   ' Loop all rows of the object (except the first row)

   FOR intObjectRow = 1 To objObjectFrom.GetRowCount - 1 

      ' Loop all columns of the object 

      FOR intObjectColumn = 0 To objObjectFrom.GetColumnCount - 1 

         ' Get object data 

         SET objCell = objObjectFrom.GetCell(intObjectRow, intObjectColumn) 

         ' Add that data to Excel cell 

         objExcelSheet.Cells(intObjectRow + intExcelLastRow, intObjectColumn + 1) = objCell.Text 




   ' Save and quit 

   objExcelSheet.SaveAs strExcelAppenFile 


   SET objExcelSheet = NOTHING       

   SET objExcelApp = NOTHING