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Creator III
Creator III

Replacing Null in Joining Key column


I have one Dimension table and other Fact table.

These two tables have a key column which is string type. I am using Autonumber() to replace the string with unique key values in both these tables and joining them with the new Autonumber() column.

However, I have noticed that the Fact table data has records with Null values. The Autonumber() is not generating any key values.

Can someone help on how to replace these null values in the key column and make proper joins?



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Your original key column showing a string shows NULL for these records?

And you want to link them to which dimensional value then?

You can test for NULL or empty using

If( Len(Trim(FIELD))=0, 'NULL', FIELD)

so you can replace NULL with an arbitrary value in your key


     Autonumber( If(Len(Trim(FIELD))=0, 'NULL', FIELD)) as KEY,

Replace the 'NULL' with the string you want to link in the dimensional table.