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Reverse FirstSortedValue NOt WOrking (0!!! Questions resolved to date)

I can run the First Sorted Value in Order and retrieve the First Value but when placing a negative sign in front of my expression to try to retriev the Last Sorted value in the List it does not return anything when it should resolve a value.

FirstSortedValue(aggr(sum({<Inv={"=sum({<VehicleGroupName={'DimensionName'}>}aggr(exp(sum(log(1+Value1)))-1, VehicleGroupName,Inv))


(exp( SUM( TOTAL<VehicleGroupName, BusinessDate>  aggr(log(1+SUM({<VehicleGroupName={'DimensionName'}>}PValue2)


, VehicleGroupName, BusinessDate)))-1)"



,-(aggr(exp( sum(log(1+Value1)))-1,Inv))


2 Replies

Please note (taken from the HELP), that

If more than one value of expression share the same lowest sort-order, the function will return null.

Could this be the case? Try using the DISTINCT qualifier with the FirstSortedValue() function to force QV to return at least something.

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This was niot the case - but thank I already resolved it