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Rolling 12 Months issue


After exploring several techniques discussed in the forum I tried to replicate the calculations on my end and see issue with Results

I'm trying to get rolling count of Hired Applications in a Pivot Table with Hired Date as rows.

Rolling 12 -Within = rangesum(above( count([Application ID] ),0,12))

As this wouldn't properly aggregate rolling 12 months when Hired Date is filtered,I created another metric

Rolling 12 : rangesum(aggr(rangesum(above(count({<[Hired Date] = >}[Application ID] ),0,12)),[Hired Date]))

this data set starts from 2/28/2003, So I should have seen both Rolling 12-Within and Rolling 12 the same.

Instead I see different results.

My thoughts: In this pivot table,Initially Hired date wasn't sorted properly.So In sorting,I applied floor(Hired Date) to force sort the results.

Wondering if this is causing the numbers wrong.