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Run without Triggering - QV Publisher

It would be great to run a document in Qlikview Publisher without triggering the next event.

Be great if it was a right click options or similar.

I've not found that this is possible.

I presently disable next one, run, wait for completion, enable the next one for the overnights.

Something I'm missing or maybe something on the horizon?

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Re: Run without Triggering - QV Publisher

I know it is annoying. But, if you are doing this often - clone/duplicate this task (which no other tasks being dependent on the new one).

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Re: Run without Triggering - QV Publisher

yes of course...my suggestion is based on that duplicating seems like alot of unnecessary clutter not too mention trying to keep track of any changes to the original is a giant pain.

It would seem programatically possible to have a Run w/o Trigger option so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Feels like a winning feature.