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SR11 change in Expression Editor syntax check

We know that sometimes the expression editor syntax checker displays red squiggle lines in an expression that does not have a true error. It may be caused by an error in the syntax checker itself or the use of variables where the syntax checker may not be expected to understand.  For example:

=FirstSortedValue(DISTINCT, Price, Date)

DISTINCT will be flagged even though DISTINCT is documented as being valid.

=Sum ({<$(s.ClearSubmitter),Function={If}>}#FunctionCount)

The comma will be flagged even though there will be a valid expression after variable substitution.

In SR10 and prior the edit status message in the upper left corner will be "Expression OK". So we can know the error is with the syntax checker, not the actual expression.

In SR11, the status message has changed. If there is any red squiggle, the status message now reads "Errors in expression". This means I can no longer say "ignore the squiggle if it says 'Expression OK'".

So where's the bug now, the squiggles or the "Errors in Expression" message?

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Re: SR11 change in Expression Editor syntax check

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately this is true and I don't know why QlikView can't understand its own syntax.

But the improvement I saw was with the use of the -= in Set Analysis. This syntax is now correctly recognized by the Syntax checker and has no red squiggles anymore.

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