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Script not recognizing Sharepoint as Directory

Good Morning,

I have a file that is supposed to look out on SharePoint and return any .xlsx in the filelist and then store them into a QVD. I haven't had any issues with this file until today, and I was just upgraded to Office 16 this week so I am wondering if maybe a setting or something was lost and needs to be restored.

I am now receiving an error that says the below. I noticed that instead of going out onto SharePoint, that it is now looking to an internal file on my shared drive for the files instead. I included part of the script below so you can see I'm asking it to look out to the website, but in the script error image you can see it is now no longer doing that. Any insights appreciated!

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Re: Script not recognizing Sharepoint as Directory

Hi Collen,

May be look this thread.

Re: Zip Error with SharePoint

and try with the excel filename inside the square brackets. Like



From [$(ExcelFileName)]