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Re: Scripting

I think I know what the problem is. A dual value can only have one possible text representation for a numerical value. The real value of the dual is the numeric - the text is only the display representation of the value.

I expect that you have a POLICY_PERIOD value somewhere else for POL_PERIOD_FROM = 31 March (Mar-16 - Mar-27).  In the model, the dual will be stored as a numeric with a single display format. So the display value for 31 March 2016 is the value in POLICY_PERIOD. 

If you want to correctly reflect you would have to create a numeric value that considers both the _FROM and _TO fields. You could try this if you want to return a valid date value that reflects the FROM date:

     & ' - ' &
     Date(POL_PERIOD_TO, 'MMM-YY'), 



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